They deny a confiscation of the deposits


Bancos cerrados en Grecia

A pensioner woman talks to the manager of a bank in Athens, Greece, to ask for information about the control of capital. GTRES

The president of the Greek Banking Union, Luka Katseli, said on Saturday that there is a “high probability” that banks can open on Tuesday or no later than Wednesday, although there will still be capital controls .

The solvency of Greek banks is controlled by the ECB. The sooner we return to normal before we avoid unpleasant situations In statements to private television Mega, Katseli added that the level of restrictions on withdrawal of cash will depend on the liquidity that is on Tuesday , and this in turn can be determined once the decisions of the European Central Bank (ECB) are known on Monday.

The ECB’s governing council meets on Monday to decide whether or not to offer liquidity to Greek banks through the emergency loan mechanism, which it froze last week, which led to the imposition of a corralito.


Katseli recalled that the decree-law that, among other restrictions, provides for a limit of 60 euros to withdraw cash at ATMs expires on Monday night and stressed that there is enough money available. “The solvency of Greek banks is controlled by the ECB, the sooner we get back to normal before we will avoid unpleasant situations in the future,” he said.

On the other hand, Katseli categorically denied reports from the Financial Times , according to which the banking authorities were studying the possibility of confiscating , specifically, up to 30% of deposits over 8,000 euros . This would happen in “the context of a complete restructuring of the banking sector once Greece returns to the rescue program, after supposed agreement between the Greek authorities and their creditors.

The media, which cited bankers and business managers close to the situation as sources, described a ” scenario that is increasingly possible in the case of at least one bank.”

Also the Greek Minister of Finance, Yanis Varufakis , categorically denied on Twitter this information published by the Financial Times . “It is a malicious rumor,” Varufakis wrote.

The Ministry of Finance described that publication of “provocation” that hinders the referendum on Sunday and the popular verdict, and asked the newspaper to withdraw those statements.

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    The manager of a bank opens the door of the branch for the pensioners to enter in Athens, Greece. (GTRES)

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    The pensioner Giorgos Petropoulos shows the 10 euros bills corresponding to the part of his pension that he has received, when leaving the National Bank of Greece in Athens. (GTRES)

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    A pensioner woman talks to the manager of a bank in Athens, Greece, to ask for information about the control of capital. (GTRES)

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